HDSS Applications

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The ByoSolve Process

A proprietary process designed to provide a clean, safe, odor neutral for area disinfection where sensitive areas or materials are handled, such as hospitals production lines, or food handling areas.

  • Non Toxic
  • No Spills
  • Rapid Dissipation
  • Safe on Food Contact Surfaces
  • Cost Effective
  • Uniform Coverage

Approved components for use over Food Contact Surfaces by EPA and California Department of Rodenticide & Pesticide.

Developed specifically for disinfection and to inhibit cross contamination.  Powerful disinfectant against bacteria and fungi over a wide variety of surfaces.

Application time is quick with only a few minutes for re-entry.

Electrostatic Application

- The Application coverage is important because viruses, bacteria and fungi are located in hard to reach areas hidden in surfaces.

- For disinfection purposes, the electrostatic sprayer can deliver a consistent and uniform coat of ByoCoat TS 300 within small cracks and other inaccessible places that would otherwise be ignored.

- The Result is a spray mist with an attractive force 75 times that of gravity.  ByoSolve takes advantage of this application method to allow better results and lessen the environmental impact.