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The Future of Infection Control

We offer standardization in the way you protect against Healthcare and Community associated infections. We are an authorized distributor who specializes in the sale of the ByoSolve Process, an advanced 5th Generation EPA registered & patented infection control system that combines a proprietary mix of chemicals, ByoSolve and an electrostatic spray delivery system to ensure complete surface coverage.

Health Defense Spray Solutions is changing the way we protect against Healthcare and Community Associated Infections. HDSSINC sells a 5th Generation Infection Control system called ByoSolve and with this we are striving to standardize the way we clean and disinfect both High touch and Low touch surfaces across the spectrum.

The Truth in What We Do!
Our process is not only cost effective but fast acting. You can regain full function of the sanitized room in as little as 15 minutes and continue to feel protected with our residual effects.


Advantage in ByoSolve
Advanced 5th Generation Infection Control Process that helps mitigate surface contact associated infections with a 360 degree approach and a new Non-Toxic patented formula that has reduction rates.